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 · Professor Audrey Hu visited our school and gave two speeches 2016-12-08
 · Dr. Xiaojin Sun from University of Texas at El Paso Visited Our School 2015-12-31
 · Two Scholars Visited Our School 2015-09-15
 · Dr. Jingjing Ye Gave a Siminar 2015-06-11
 · Professor Wuyang Hu from UK Gave Two Seminars 2015-05-25
 · Dr. Jun Zhang from UTS Gave a Seminar 2015-04-26
 · Professor Jean-Yves Pitarakis from UOS Gave a Seminar 2015-04-14
 · Seminar: Understanding the EURO Crisis 2015-03-19
 · Professor Ruilong Yang Visit Our School 2014-12-23
 · Professor Binkai Chen from CUFE Gave an Academic Report 2014-12-01
 · Professor Xiaohui Rao’s Paper Published in Top Journal "Economic Research Journal" 2014-12-01
 · Presentation about Programs of Economics Department,University of Southampton 2014-11-21
 · Meeting with Guests from University of Southampton 2014-11-21
 · Professor Lin Gui was invited to Central University of Finance and Economics and Chinese Academy of 2014-10-14
 · Professor Jiming Cai gave a speech 2014-10-14
 · The third "Youth Scholars Forum" was successfully held 2014-05-15
 · “Conference of Public Investment and China’s Economic Growth 2014” was held successfully 2014-04-18
 · School of Economics Held the Proposal Report Meeting for 2013 National Social Science Fund Projects 2013-09-26
 · Professor Feihu Yang Gave A Speech in University of Shimane, Japan 2013-09-26
 · Coase and China's Economic Institutional Reform 2013-09-26

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