B.A. in Economics
  B.A. in National Economic Management

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B.A. in National Economic Management

                      Course Table of B.A. in National Economic Management


English Courses

Maths and Statistics

Basic Economic Theory

Advanced Topics in Economics

IT Skills and Empirical Analysis

Freshman First Semester

College English I,

English Listening and Speaking I

Calculus I

Freshman Second Semester

College English II,

English Listening and Speaking II

Calculus II

Principles of Microeconomics, Principles of Accounting

China's Modern Economic History

Fundamentals of Computer Application

Sophomore First Semester

College English III,

English Listening and Speaking III

Linear Algebra

Principles of Macroeconomics, Principles of Management

International Economics, Development Economics

Sophomore Second Semester

College English IV,

English Listening and Speaking IV

Probability Theory

Intermediate Microeconomics, Mathematical Economics

Money and Banking,

Industrial Economics, Finance

Financial Management Information System

Junior First Semester


Principles of Econometrics, Intermediate Macroeconomics

History of Economic Thought,

Labor Economics, New Institutional Economics

Market Research and Data Analysis

Junior Second Semester

Dynamic optimization theory

Intermediate Econometrics

International Finance,

Game Theory, Industrial Organization

Introduction ofStatistical Software

Senior First Semester

Public Economics, Financial Econometrics, Theory of Economic Growth,

Senior Year

Second Semester

Internship and Thesis Writing

Please note that:

1.This is an incomplete course list, since some courses with Chinese characteristics are not included, for example the thoughts of Mao Zedong and Sports Course.

2.In our school, there are several undergraduate programs, and the compulsory and optional courses are different from program to program. However, all the courses of English, Math and Basic Economic Theory in the table above are compulsory in each program.